BioNavis provides measurement and testing services on contract basis. We have an experienced team with wide variety of expertise ranging from biomolecular interactions and drug screening to coating and characterization of thin solid metal films. The testing projects are always developed and agreed together with the principle to ensure appropriate methodology.

We can measure different biochemical interactions (for example protein-protein, protein-antibody, drug-target etc). In addition, it is possible to measure molecule or nanoparticle interactions with hydrogels or polymers, metals or release of such analysts from solid layers. It is also possible to characterize thickness and refractive indices of solid films in either air or liquid mediums. The samples can be either in liquid or solid form, or pre-coated on our sensor substrates of choice.

We can also perform work under non-disclosure agreement (NDA). For example we have worked together with a major United States based semiconductor-manufacturing company, several pharmaceutical manufacturers and with a Swiss luxury-product producer.

See examples of what can be measured using MP-SPR technology in the Applications section:

Life Science Applications

Material Science Applications


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