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Adhesion and Structural Changes of PEGylated Lipid Nanocarriers on Silica Surfaces

Publication year: 2021
Authors: Grad P. 1, Edwards K. 1, Hernández V.A. 2
Published in: Physchem, 2021, Vol. 1(2), p. 133-151
PEGylated lipid nanoparticles have a continuously expanding range of applications, particularly within pharmaceutical areas. Hereby, it is shown with the help of [...]

Rapid and Oriented Immobilization of Laccases on Electrodes via a Methionine-Rich Peptide

Publication year: 2021
Authors: Haiyang Cui a,b, Lingling Zhang a, Dominik Söder b, Xiaomei Tang a, Mehdi D. Davari a, Ulrich Schwaneberg a,b
Published in: ACS Catalysis, 2021, Vol. 11 (4), p. 2445–2453
Different from other laccases, copper efflux oxidase (CueO) from Escherichia coli possesses an additional methionine-rich segment (MetRich), which is generally considered to be detrimental to its oxidase activity. Herein, we reveal that [...]

Surface Plasmon Resonance Monitoring of Mono-Rhamnolipid Interaction with Phospholipid-Based Liposomes

Publication year: 2021
Authors: Belkilani M. 1,2.3, Shokouhi M. 4, Farre C. 1, Chevalier Y. 1, Minot S. 1, Bessueille F. 1, Abdelghani A. 3, Jaffrezic-Renault N. 1, Chaix C. 1
Published in: Langmuir, 2021, Vol. 37 (26), p. 7975–7985
The interactions of mono-rhamnolipids (mono-RLs) with model membranes were investigated through a biomimetic approach using phospholipid-based liposomes immobilized on a gold substrate [...]

Oxidized xylan additive for nanocellulose films – A swelling modifier

Publication year: 2021
Authors: Palasingh Ch. a, Ström A. a, Amer H. b,c, Nypelö T. a,d
Published in: International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, Vol. 180, p. 753-759
Polymeric wood hemicelluloses are depicted to join cellulose, starch and chitosan as key polysaccharides for sustainable materials engineering. However, the approaches to incorporate hemicelluloses in [...]

Surface Plasmon Resonance Assay for Label-Free and Selective Detection of Xylella Fastidiosa

Publication year: 2021
Authors: Sarcina L. 1, Macchia E. 2, Loconsole G. 3, D'Attoma G. 3, Saldarelli P. 3, Elicio V. 4, Palazzo G. 1, Torsi L. 1,2
Published in: Advanced NanoBiomed Research, 2021, p. 2100043
Xylella fastidiosa is among the most dangerous plant bacteria worldwide causing a variety of diseases, with huge economic impact on agriculture and environment. A surveillance tool, ensuring the highest possible sensitivity [...]

In-situ and real-time probing cellulase biosensor formation and its interaction with lignosulfonate in varied media

Publication year: 2021
Authors: Peipei Wang a,1, Tian Liu a,1, Yena Liu a,1, Jing Tian a, Xinyu Zhang a, Jiaqi Guo a, Yongcan Jin a, Huining Xiao b, Junlong Song a
Published in: Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, Vol. 329 (2021), 129114
It is a challenge to interpret the signals obtained by Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) and Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) accompanied with in the significant changes of the density and/or refractivity of media. [...]

Membrane interactions of Ocellatins. Where do antimicrobial gaps stem from?

Publication year: 2021
Authors: J.Muñoz‑López 1,2, J.C.L.Oliveira 1, D.A.G.R. Michel 3, C.S. Ferreira 3, F.Gomes Neto 4, E.S.Salnikov 2, R.M.Verly 3, B.Bechinger 2,5, J.M.Resende 1
Published in: Amino Acids, Vol. 53, p. 1241–1256 (2021)
The antimicrobial peptides Ocellatin-LB1, -LB2 and -F1, isolated from frogs, are identical from residue 1 to 22, which correspond to the -LB1 sequence, whereas -LB2 carries an extra N and -F1 additional NKL residues [...]

Development of a novel biosensor for Creatine Kinase (CK-MB) using Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR)

Publication year: 2021
Authors: André L.Ferreira a,1, Lucas Lima b,1, Ariana S.Moraes a,1, Rafael J.G.Rubira c,1, Carlos J.L.Constantino c, Fabio L.Leite a, Adriana O.Delgado-Silva a, Marystela Ferreira a
Published in: Applied Surface Science, Vol. 554 (2021), 149565
In this paper, we report a new biosensor for detection of the cardiac biomarker Creatine Kinase (CK-MB) using Surface Plasmon Surface (SPR) technique, with the purpose of the diagnosis of Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI). [...]

Adsorption Behavior of Arabinogalactan-Proteins (AGPs) from Acacia senegal Gum at a Solid–Liquid Interface

Publication year: 2021
Authors: Dvantes A. 1, Nigen M. 2, Sanchez C. 2, Renard D. 1
Published in: Langmuir, 2021, Vol. 37 (35), p. 10547–10559
Adsorption of five different hyperbranched arabinogalactan-protein (AGP) fractions from Acacia senegal gum was thoroughly studied at the solid–liquid interface using a quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation monitoring [...]

AuNPs network structures as a plasmonic matrix for ultrasensitive immunoassay based on surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy

Publication year: 2021
Authors: Junjie Hu a, Jialin Zhao a,b, Han Zhu a, Qiang Chen c, Xiaojun Hu a, Kwangnak Koh d, Hongxia Chen a
Published in: Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 2021, Vol. 340, p. 129948
Nanoparticle gap, degree of order, and the structure of the nanocomposite functionalized interface have a significant impact on sensing properties. Orderly arranged gold nanoparticles enhance [...]

Hyaluronic Acid Oligomer Immobilization as an Angiogenic Trigger for the Neovascularization of TE Constructs

Publication year: 2021
Authors: A.L. Silva 1,2, P.S. Babo 1,2, M.T. Rodrigues 1,2, A.I. Gonçalves 1,2, R. Novoa-Carballal 1,2, R.A. Pires 1,2, J. Rouwkema 3, R.L. Reis 1,2, M.E.Gomes 1,2
Published in: ACS Applied Bio Materials, 2021, Vol. 4 (8), p. 6023–6035
Tissue engineered (TE) substitutes of clinically relevant sizes need an adequate vascular system to ensure function and proper tissue integration after implantation. However, the predictable vascularization [...]

SPRD: a surface plasmon resonance database of common factors for better experimental planning

Publication year: 2021
Authors: P.B. Tiwari 1, C. Bencheqroun 2, M. Lemus 1, T. Shaw 1, M. Kouassi-Brou 1,3, A. Alaoui 2, A. Üren 1
Published in: BMC Molecular and Cell Biology, Vol. 22, 17 (2021)
Surface plasmon resonance is a label-free biophysical technique that is widely used in investigating biomolecular interactions, including protein-protein, protein-DNA, and protein-small molecule binding. [...]

Specific intracellular binding peptide as sPD-L1 antibody mimic: Robust binding capacity and intracellular region specific modulation upon applied to sensing research

Publication year: 2021
Authors: Junjie Hu a, Zhao-huan Zhang b, Zhongzheng Zhu c, Jie Chen a,d, Xiaojun Hu a, Hongxia Chen a
Published in: Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 2021, Vol. 185, p. 113269
Programmed death ligand 1 (PD-L1) immune checkpoint has been regarded as a new target for predicting cancer immunotherapy. As a transmembrane protein, PD-L1 has very low blood concentration and is likely [...]

Insight into dual fluorescence effects induced by molecular aggregation occurring in membrane model systems containing 1,3,4-thiadiazole derivatives

Publication year: 2021
Authors: David M. 1, Budziak-Wieczorek I. 2, Karcz D. 3, Florescu M. 1, Matwijczuk A. 4
Published in: European Biophysics Journal (2021)
This work reports on biophysical insights into the excited state intramolecular proton transfer (ESIPT) processes taking place in three 1,3,4-thiadiazole derivatives that served as model compounds, [...]

Real-time adsorption of optical brightening agents on cellulose thin films

Publication year: 2021
Authors: C. Sampl a,b, S.Eyley c, W. Thielemans c, U.Hirn a,b,1, S.Spirk a,b
Published in: Carbohydrate Polymers, Vol. 261 (2021), 117826
Optical brightening agents (OBAs) are commonly used in textile and paper industry to adjust product brightness and color appearence. Continuous production processes lead to short residence time of the dyes in the fiber suspension, [...]

A designer FG-Nup that reconstitutes the selective transport barrier of the nuclear pore complex

Publication year: 2021
Authors: Fragasso A. 1, de Vries H.W. 2, Andersson J. 3, van der Sluis E.O. 1, van der Giessen E. 2, Dahlin A. 3, Onck P.R. 2, Dekker C. 1
Published in: Nature Communications, 2021, Vol. 12, 2010 (2021)
Nuclear Pore Complexes (NPCs) regulate bidirectional transport between the nucleus and the cytoplasm. Intrinsically disordered FG-Nups line the NPC lumen and form a selective barrier, where transport of [...]

Lipid Cubic Systems for Sustained and Controlled Delivery of Antihistamine Drugs

Publication year: 2021
Authors: Dully M. 1, Ceresnakova M. 1, Murray D. 2, Souliname T. 1, Hudson S.P. 1
Published in: Molecular Pharmaceutic, 2021, Vol. 18(10), p. 3777–3794
Antihistamines are capable of blocking mediator responses in allergic reactions including allergic rhinitis and dermatological reactions. By incorporating various H1 receptor antagonists into [...]

Diffusion and Protein Corona Formation of Lipid-Based Nanoparticles in the Vitreous Humor: Profiling and Pharmacokinetic Considerations

Publication year: 2020
Authors: Tavakoli S 1., Kari O.K. 1, Turunen T. 1, Lajunen T. 1, Schmitt M. 1, Lehtinen J. 1, Tasaka F. 2, Parkkila P. 1, Ndika J. 3, Viitala T. 1, Alenius H. 3,5, Urtti, A. 1,6,7 Subriz A. *7
Published in: Molecular Pharmaceutics, 2020
The vitreous humor is the first barrier encountered by intravitreally injected nanoparticles. Lipid-based nanoparticles in the vitreous are studied by evaluating their diffusion with single-particle tracking technology and by characterizing their protein coronae with surface plasmon resonance and high-resolution proteomics. Single-particle tracking results indicate that the vitreal mobility of the formulations is dependent on their charge.[...]

Competitive upconversion-linked immunoassay using peptide mimetics for the detection of the mycotoxin zearalenone

Publication year: 2020
Authors: Riikka Peltomaa a,b,1, Zdeněk Farka a,c, Matthias J. Mickert a,2, Julian C. Brandmeier a, Matěj Pastucha c, Antonín Hlaváček d, Mónica Martínez-Orts e, Ángeles Canales e, Petr Skládal c, Elena Benito-Peña b, María C. Moreno-Bondi b, Hans H. Gorris a
Published in: Biosensors and Bioelectronics, Vol. 170, p. 112683
Due to increasing food safety standards, the analysis of mycotoxins has become essential in the food industry. In this work, we have developed a competitive upconversion-linked immunosorbent assay (ULISA) [...]

Mechanism of lysozyme adsorption onto gold surface determined by quartz crystal microbalance and surface plasmon resonance

Publication year: 2020
Authors: Komorek P., Wałek M., Jachimska B.
Published in: Bioelectrochemistry, 2020, Vol. 135, p. 107582
In this study, the physicochemical characterization of lysozyme adsorbed on gold was investigated. Through the use of MP-SPR it was possible to establish that the orientation of molecules changes from side-on to between or end-on with increasing surface coverage.[...]