Handbook of MP-SPR

Publication year: 2019
Authors: Marquart A., Kuncová-Kallio J., Albers M., Bombera R., Ståhlberg R.

BioNavis Ltd., Hermiankatu 6-8, Tampere 33720, Finland

Published in: Handbook of MP-SPR, 2019, Vol. 1, Based on fifth edition of Arnoud Marquart's Surface Plasmon Resonance book

The aim of this book is to introduce biomolecular interaction analysis in combination with surface plasmon resonance and especially multi-parametric surface plasmon resonance. Both theory and practice will be discussed. The main emphasis will be on avoiding pitfalls and designing proper experiments. Although written with BioNavis MP-SPR NaviTM instruments in mind, the general principles and guidelines will be applicable to traditional SPR instruments as well.

MP-SPR keywords: cell responses, LayerSolver, living cell monolayer, SiO2 (silicon dioxide) sensor slide, fibronectin and gelatin nanofilms (FN-G) LbL assembly on gold and on cells