Recognition-driven assembly of self-limiting supramolecular protein nanoparticles displaying enzymatic activity

Publication year: 2015
Authors: Piccinini E. a, Pallarola D. a, Battaglini F. b, Azzaroni O. *a
Published in: Chemical Communications, 2015, Issue 79, p. 14754-7
doi: 10.1039/c5cc05837f

We report the recognition-driven assembly of self-limiting protein nanoparticles displaying enzymatic activity. Solution self-assembly of concanavalin A lectin and glycoenzyme glucose oxidase leads to the spontaneous formation of biocolloids with well-defined dimensions, narrow size distribution and remarkable stability. These biocolloids successfully recognize a glycosylated modified electrode retaining the enzyme activity.

MP-SPR keywords: adsorbed mas, biosensor, glucose oxidase detection, lectin (carbohydrate binding polymer) concanavalin A