MP-SPR Navi™ DataViewer

This software is provided with MP-SPR Navi™ instruments. It enables you to view and analyze results of experiments that you have performed earlier with our instrument and MP-SPR Navi™ Control. MP-SPR Navi™ data viewer enables you also to export data to formats suitable for other programs, such as Excel, Origin, ScrubberTraceDrawer, Clam (Uni. of Utah, USA), Winspall (MPIP Mainz, Germany) or LayerSolver™ (BioNavis).



Finding an experiment can be done by filling the empty fields Browser tab and choosing searching criteria “Match any” or “Match all” from the left side drop-down menu. Searching is done through all values written in the corresponding fields before and during the measurement, including comments and events. 

Small windows on the right side are intended for fast check of the found files. Selecting a particular measurement will show a sensogram and “Init. scan” of this experiment, if the measurement was done in the “Fixed angle” mode. If the measurement was performed in the “Angular scan” mode, only “Init scan” will show up, due to usually high amount of data collected in this mode. Additionally, the “Events” table will display all events added during the measurement, independently of the experiment mode.




On the left side of the SPR-curve display field, there is a list of the performed scans, with the “Init scan” always on top. All scans taken during the experiment are stacked chronologically under the “Init scan”, and three basic parameters are shown for each scan: time of the scan from the beginning of the experiment and angular values of the minimum (Min X) for channel 1 and channel 2. Below the scan list, there is the “Compare” box. This can be used to compare the scans to each other.  




Data Analysis

MP-SPR Navi™ DataViewer enables you to take the full advantage of all parameters measured during the Angular Scans. It enables sensograms of other than the SPR peak angular position. The full potential of the MP-SPR technique can be hence explored.

Data Export

All measure data can be exported before or after editing into most common formats. Note that there is a special edition of TraceDrawer™ for MP-SPR Navi™, which is a fitting tool for advanced kinetics modeling.

MP-SPR Navi DataViewer: Browser mode

SPR Navi viewer browser mode.jpg

MP-SPR Navi DataViewer: Viewer mode

SPR Navi viewer viewer mode.jpg

MP-SPR Navi DataViewer: Advanced export