LayerSolver™ for MP-SPR Navi™

LayerSolveris a powerful but easy-to-use software for calculating properties of layers meazured by MP-SPR. The software is capable of calculating layer thicknesses and complex refractive indices of single or multiple sample layers. These sample properties are also key to calculate many other physical properties of samples, such as swelling, density and light absorbance of the samples. The software provides modeling of experimental data, using the Maxwell equations for multilayered optical systems (see Mathematics of Surface Plasmon Resonance).

LayerSolver can be utilized in any MP-SPR application fields where the layer properties are of interest, from calculating metal thickness to analyzing protein conformational change by external stimulus.

The LayerSolver features:

  • Multiple layers in the model, and their fitting simultaneously
  • Multiple wavelengths fitting simultaneously
  • Modeling for theoretical multilayer SPR curves
  • Fitting with parameters constrains (boundaries, dependencies)
  • User friendly user interface
  • Data import from MP-SPR Navi files and export to generic formats

LayerSolver in peer-reviewed literature