MP-SPR Navi™ instruments are provided with user-friendly software packages for data acquisition and analysis MP-SPR Navi™ Control and MP-SPR Navi™ DataViewer. Both software packages are provided with all of our instruments. Both are available for unlimited number of computers!

For advanced analysis TraceDrawer™ is available for molecular interactions and LayerSolver™ for true layer characterization.

The minimum required space and platform are: MS Windows® 7, 8, 10 (not Starter editions used in netbooks), both 32- and 64-bit versions are supported, at least 1xUSB 2.0, 2 GB RAM, 2 Gb HD space required for installation and basic operation.

The recommended PC configuration is: MS Windows® 10, 3x USB 2.0, 8 GB RAM, 125 Gb HDD or SSD.



MP-SPR Navi Control

MP-SPR Navi™ Control is software that enables you to control the MP-SPR Navi instrument and view the experiment in real-time.
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MP-SPR Navi™ DataViewer

MP-SPR Navi™ DataViewer enables you to view and analyze results of experiments that you have performed earlier with our instrument. DataViewer enables you also to export data to formats suitable for other programs, such as Excel, Origin, Scrubber, TraceDrawer, Clam (Uni. of Utah, USA).
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Optional Advanced Analysis Software TraceDrawer

Do you want to analyze kinetics parameters, such as KD (equilibrium), kd (disassociation rate constant), ka (association rate constant)? Then we recommend TraceDrawer™ for MP-SPR Navi™.
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Optional Advanced Analysis Software LayerSolver

Do you want to determine thickness and refractive index of your layer? Then we recommend LayerSolver™ for MP-SPR Navi™.
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