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BioNavis accessories

We provide a selection of accessories to  widen the possibilities  for your research with MP-SPR Navi™ instruments.




We offer a wide variety of flow-cells suitable for specific applications. All flow-cells can be easily exchanged by the user.

Our standard flow-cells are available in a variety of materials (PDMS, PEEK, Kalrez) depending on application such as kinetic studies or material characterization. Inlet diameter of the tubings and fluidic channel volume is optimized for each purpose.

Our special flow-cells enable the combination of MP-SPR measurements with electrochemistry or fluorescence and the measurement of live cells. All our flow-cells enable measurements in air and liquid and our special gas flow-cell enables even measurements with pressurized gas.

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MP-SPR Navi™ Immobilizer

Our MP-SPR Navi™ Immobilizer is an especially designed stand-alone holder for chemical modifications and functionalization of MP-SPR Navi™ sensor surfaces. MP-SPR Navi™ Immobilizer is compatible with the MP-SPR Navi™ sensor slides and MP-SPR Navi™ sensor slide holder.

Read more about immobilizer in AN#130.

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