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Well plate automation for life sciences

MP-SPR Navi™ 220A NAALI measures not only interactions  providing premium quality data with  PureKinetics™, but also measures conformational changes and layer properties.



Features and benefits

  • Automation of samples from 96 and 384 well plates allows for unattended runs
  • Software switch for serial and parallel injections
  • Partial loop injections providing minimal sample consumption
  • Simultaneous  measurements  in  2  fluidic  channels
  • Two independent  wavelength  measurements  in each fluidic channel, enabling detection of thickness and refractive index or conformational changes
  • Instrument can be equipped optically with up to 4 different wavelenghts measured from each liquid channel for optimal data for layer characterization
  • Exceptionally  wide  angular  range 40˚ – 78˚ enables  measurements  of small  organic  molecules and  large  proteins,  but  also  metallic nanoparticles and cells. Most importantly, it enables in-line bulk effect separation with PureKinetics™
  • Measurements of kinetic constants, concentration and competition analysis, affinity and EC50
  • Controlled buffer flow conditions with precise syringe pumps and integrated degasser
  • Software package for convenient control of the instrument and easy analysis of the results. The instrument comes with TraceDrawer™ for  MP-SPR  Navi™  – a powerful  software  for  the determination  of affinity and  kinetic constants and more. MP-SPR Navi™ LayerSolver for the determination of thickness and RI from multiple wavelength measurements is an optional module
  • MP-SPR Navi™ instruments utilize optical RI matching elastomer and therefore, sensors are very easy to exchange and remove for further analysis with other methods such as AFM or microscopy
  • Complement with electrochemistry, high chemical resistant and gas flow cells as well as fluorescence setup provides combined or validation measurements

Put yourself in the shoes of a scientist with our GoPro movie and check out how to measure α-lactalbumin protein concentration from bovine milk utilizing multi-parametric surface plasmon resonance!

Thanks to multiple wavelengths and scanning angular scans, BioNavis’ unique technology allows measurements of kinetic constants, concentration and competition analysis, affinity and EC50. MP-SPR provides insights into conformational changes of the molecules as well. PureKinetics™ is a unique feature of the MP-SPR Navi™ instruments that allows to measure the true binding of samples while the bulk signal can be reduced. Crude samples such as 100% serum, saliva or cell medium can be used.

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