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200 OTSO


MP-SPR Navi™ 200 OTSO 

Semi-automated and modular 

MP-SPR Navi™ 200 OTSO is our entry level MP-SPR system making it ideally suited for teaching and educational purposes. Open design is optimal when auxiliary instruments are to be used.

Features and benefits

  • Exceptionally  wide  angular  range 40˚ – 78˚ enables  measurements  of small  organic  molecules  and  large  proteins,  but  also  metallic nanoparticles and cells. One scan encompasses both environments: gas and liquid and enables to separate bulk effect in line using PureKinetics™
  • Parallel injections to 2 fluidic channels
  • Controlled liquid flow conditions with peristaltic pump
  • Manual filling of injection loops required
  • Optionally instrument can be equipped with up to 4 different wavelengths measured from each liquid channel enabling detection of thickness and refractive index or conformation changes
  • 200 OTSO is sold with a basic software package of MP-SPR  Navi™ Control and DataViewer for convenient control of the instrument and basic analysis of the results. Advanced analysis modules are optional: MP-SPR Navi™ LayerSolver to determine thickness and RI from multiple wavelength measurements and TraceDrawer for  MP-SPR  Navi™ – a powerful  software  for  the determination  of affinity, kinetic constants and more
  • MP-SPR Navi™ instruments utilize optical RI matching elastomer and therefore, sensors are very easy to exchange and remove for  further analysis with other methods such as AFM or microscopy
  • Open design enables convenient access to the easily removable flow cell, as well as to tubing, pump and injection valves
  • Complement  with electrochemistry, high chemical resistant and gas flow cells as well as fluorescence setup provides combined or validation measurements
  • The instrument enables attachment of a separate autosampler, pump, degasser or even own microfluidic sample preprocessing cartridge

See how to measure thickness and refractive index of thin inorganic layers using MP-SPR!

Thin metal films from 3.7 Ångströms up to 100 nanometers thick can be measured. Transparent films can be measured up tens of micrometers in thickness. Besides thickness and refractive index, MP-SPR measures also interactions with different gas or liquid samples, including ethanol or toluene vapors, solvents, but also plasma and serum. This allows real-time measurements of antifouling capabilities of thin film coatings as well as measurements of biocompatibility.

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Real-time conformation changes can be measured for instance upon change of temperature, pH, electric potential or light trigger. MP-SPR Navi™ 200 OTSO is a semi-automated MP-SPR instrument with 2-channel fluidics. It can be combined with different techniques including electrochemistry and fluorescence. 200 OTSO can be equipped with up to 4 wavelengths in the same channel, allowing reliable measurements of thickness, refractive index and dispersion coefficient.

Put yourself in the shoes of a scientist with our GoPro movie.

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