Remote lab solution for teaching SPR!

29, October, 2020



Do you need to teach SPR this spring, but due to Covid-19 you have to move it online? No worries!

Just send your contact information and  the serial number of the MP-SPR Navi™ instrument you use to We will provide a package of:

  • PowerPoint presentation for teaching purposes including numerous animations
  • Protocols
    • protein interaction
    • live cells studies
    • small molecule interaction
    • polyelectrolyte build-up
  • Experiment data sets  
    • IgG - anti-IgG interaction measurement with regenerable avidin kit
    • HSA - small molecule interaction
    • Layer-by-Layer polyelectrolyte monolayer (PEM) deposition
  • Software
    • instrument step programming
    • data visualisation
    • kinetic data analysis
  • Step-by-step laboratory videos
    • protein-protein interaction
    • thin film thickness analysis
    • protein concentration analysis from milk
    • LayerSolver™ Au and PEM analysis