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MP-SPR publication highlights from 2022

The year 2022 is over and 2023 is here. We wish for it to be a successful one! We would like to share with you MP-SPR publication highlights from last year worth reading. You can find them all (and more) in our Publications section.

MP-SPR has been used to measure molecular interactions and calculate the material thickness on the sensor surface, but it can be used to study the degradation of layers from the sensor surface as well. In this recent article, Schaubeder et al., 2022, used MP-SPR to precisely calculate the degradation of Xylan from cellulose thin film using endo-1,4-β-xylanase enzyme in a dose-dependent manner.

Distefano et al. 2022 utilize MP-SPR to monitor the changes in the Hill Coefficient in the presence of enzyme activity modulators. Using Insulin Degrading Enzyme (IDE), authors were able to dissect the effects of modulators on enzyme function.

One of the key advantages of using MP-SPR is accurately calculating the thickness of the deposited layer on the sensor surface. Koca & Bayramoglu used this key feature to study the layer-by-layer deposition of lysozyme and iota-carrageenan or gum Arabic alternatively.

‘Bulk effect’ is the bane of all SPR measurements. Svirelis et al. 2022, tackle this problem by developing a mathematical model which does not require a reference channel or separate surface region. The PureKinetics™ feature in MP-SPR Navi™ software utilizes the entire SPR curve to subtract bulk effect and provides a true SPR response in real time. Hence no separate post-analysis is required to resolve the issues caused by the bulk effect.

Monitoring and regulating the shape and size of liposomes is essential for their effectiveness. These properties can be studied using label-free such as MP-SPR.  In this work by Norling et al., the authors have increased our understanding to better determine the shape and size of liposomes.  They used the MP-SPR with a dual-wavelength set up to interpret the properties of the liposomes.

Enzymatic degradation of xylan thin films monitored by MP-SPR
Schaubeder et al., Carbohydrate Polymers, 2022

Published on 12.01.2023