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Peer-reviewed publications

Accurate Correction of the “Bulk Response” in Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensing Provides New Insights on Interactions Involving Lysozyme and Poly(ethylene glycol)

Publication year: 2022
Authors: Svirelis J. 1, Andersson J. 1, Stradner A. 2, Dahlin A. 1
Published in: ACS Sensors, 2022, Vol. 7, p. 1175-1182

Surface plasmon resonance is a very well-established surface sensitive technique for label-free analysis of biomolecular interactions, generating thousands of publications each year. An inconvenient effect that complicates interpretation of SPR results is the “bulk response” from molecules in solution, which generate signals without really binding to the surface. Here we present a physical model for…

Peer-reviewed publications

Dissimilar Deformation of Fluid- and Gel-Phase Liposomes upon Multivalent Interaction with Cell Membrane Mimics Revealed Using Dual-Wavelength Surface Plasmon Resonance

Publication year: 2022
Authors: Norling K. a, Sjöberg M. a, Bally M b., Zhdanov V.P. a,c , Parveen N.* a, Höök F* a.
Published in: Langmuir 2022 38 (8), 2550-2560

The mechanical properties of biological nanoparticles play a crucial role in their interaction with the cellular membrane, in particular for cellular uptake. This has significant implications for the design of pharmaceutical carrier particles. In this context, liposomes have become increasingly popular, among other reasons due to their customizability and easily varied physicochemical properties. With currently…