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Peer-reviewed publications

Computer-Aided Engineering of Staphylokinase Toward Enhanced Affinity and Selectivity for Plasmin

Publication year: 2022
Authors: Nikitin D. 1 2, Mican J. 1 2 3, Toul M. 1 2, Bednar D. 1 2, Peskova M. 4 5, Kittova P. 4 6, Thalerova S. 1 4 5, Vitecek J. 1 4 3, Damborsky J. 1 2, Mikulik R. 1 3, Fleishman S. 7, Prokop Z. 1 2, Marek M. 1 2
Published in: Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal, 2022, Vol. 20 p. 1366-1377

Cardio- and cerebrovascular diseases are leading causes of death and disability, resulting in one of the highest socio-economic burdens of any disease type. The discovery of bacterial and human plasminogen activators and their use as thrombolytic drugs have revolutionized treatment of these pathologies. Fibrin-specific agents have an advantage over non-specific factors because of lower rates…

Peer-reviewed publications

Hyaluronic Acid Oligomer Immobilization as an Angiogenic Trigger for the Neovascularization of TE Constructs

Publication year: 2021
Authors: A.L. Silva 1,2, P.S. Babo 1,2, M.T. Rodrigues 1,2, A.I. Gonçalves 1,2, R. Novoa-Carballal 1,2, R.A. Pires 1,2, J. Rouwkema 3, R.L. Reis 1,2, M.E.Gomes 1,2
Published in: ACS Applied Bio Materials, 2021, Vol. 4 (8), p. 6023–6035

Tissue engineered (TE) substitutes of clinically relevant sizes need an adequate vascular system to ensure function and proper tissue integration after implantation. However, the predictable vascularization of TE substitutes is yet to be achieved. Molecular weight variations in hyaluronic acid (HA) have been pointed to trigger angiogenesis. Thus, this study investigates HA oligomer immobilization as…