MP-SPR for gas sensor developmentLS_Gas_sensor_development_2.png

Unlike traditional SPR, MP-SPR can work also with gas and vapor samples. It can be used to finetune sensitive coatings for specific gas components. Amongst others, MP-SPR is able to detect hydrogen (2 Dalton) on Palladium surface. Also surface interaction with different humidity can be studied at the nanoscale (more on gas barrier development here).

See reasons why choose MP-SPR for gas sensor development:

  • Easy ex-situ modification of SPR surfaces with material/coating of your choice
  • Works both with gas and liquid samples
  • Sensitive to small molecules as well as nanoparticles
  • Validation with electrochemistry is possible

See key questions in assay development that MP-SPR can answer:

  • How fast do the molecules X bind with surface A as compared to surface B?
  • What is the most sensitive surface for gas X?
  • How does my assay work with crude sample such as waste air?

See a few selected Application Notes to see that MP-SPR works:

  • AN#159 Material swelling studies using MP-SPR: Cellulose in water vapor and polymer barrier in solvent vapors
  • AN#140 Gold nanoparticles for biosensing