MP-SPR Navi™ Control

Software is provided with MP-SPR Navi™ instruments. It enables you to control the MP-SPR Navi™ instrument and view the experiment in real-time. Afterwards, the data can be viewed and analysed in MP-SPR Navi™ DataViewer, TraceDrawer™ for kinetic information and LayerSolver™ for structural information.

The software includes also PureKinetics™ feature that provides premium quality data without bulk effect.



 In the control tab, the user can:

  • Open/Close flow cell.
  • Prime flow cell. This feature is used when inserting new test slide for first time. 
  • Remove trapped air without stopping the experiment. 
  • Set pump speed.
  • Set the temperature



Three measurement modes are available. First mode is angular scan of the “Init scan” (SPR peak scan for fast testing, data not saved). The second mode is called Angular scan (also SPR peak scan but for measurements which are saved). In third mode (Fixed Angle, FA) angle of incidence of light is kept fixed and reflected light intensity as a function of time is monitored.

User can select the following angular ranges for the Init and Angular Scans:

  • Gas: Measurement in low refractive index media (angle of incidence between 39-50 degrees).
  • Liquid: Measurement in high refractive index media (angle of incidence between 50-78 degrees).
  • Full Scan: Measurement from low to high refractive index (range 39-78 degrees).
  • Custom: Any range from 39 to 78 degrees.


In the Fixed Angle mode, the reflected intensity is monitored as a function of time. Maximum sampling time in basic mode is about 1s. In advanced timing mode, user can set instrument to sample data with 4 ms sampling time.

During the measurement user can add comments by using the “Events” table. Purpose of this table is to serve as log-file for important events during the experiment, especially to record time of sample injections with semi-automated MP-SPR Navi™ 200 OTSO. 



MP-SPR NAVI™ 210A VASA220A NAALI, and 420A ILVES are automated models and MP-SPR Navi Control software contains Autosampler tab. Injection configuration parameters (e.g. sample volume) and Run Table rows are filled in Autosampler tab.

MP-SPR Navi Control - Initial Scan-mode.


MP-SPR Navi Control - Angular scan showing measurements in air (at angle of 40 degrees), in liquid (at angle of 67 degrees) and of glass in air (RI = 1,0)

MP-SPR Navi Control showing measurements of both channels at angle fixed at 66,22 degrees (Fixed Angle-mode).

MP-SPR Navi Control - Autosampler Run Table contains 1) Step Table and injection parameters 2) Running actions 3) Current action screen, 4) Step table row control 5) Save/Load Run Table 6) Sample Configurator

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