MP-SPR for Pharmaceuticals

Unique PureKinetics™ feature together with large working range make MP-SPR essential tool for new challenges posed by shift from synthetic to biopharmaceutial drugs. From antibody characterization through drug uptake routes, controlled drug release strategies, small molecule measurements, nanoparticle targeting up to drug internalization by living cells, MP-SPR helps you to get ahead of competition. Make drugs that work in vivo - contact us for service measurements.

In this animation you can see nanoparticle interaction measured using MP-SPR.
(1) Liposome interaction with a self-assembled monolayer forming a liposome monolayer.
(2) Liposome rupture and spreading on a SiO2 surface. Interaction of nanoparticles with a supported lipid bilayer (SLB).
(3) Interaction of nanoparticles with a living cell measured using MP-SPR.
Such studies are of utmost importance when designing nanoparticle drug carriers for biopharmaceuticals.

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With PureKinetics™ feature for high quality kinetics, MP-SPR is a powerful and sensitive tool for direct measurements of small molecules


MP-SPR helps you to understand drug-membrane protein interactions.


Whether you develop metal, silica, polymer nanoparticles or work with DNA polyplexes, liposomes, viruses or microvesicles, MP-SPR is an excellent choice for drug delivery studies - from real-time targeting studies to real-time internalization with the same instrument. 
LS_Cells_extra.png MP-SPR enables the move from drug-target measurements, through drug-membrane interactions all the way to drug-cell interactions. Differentiate internalization from permeation in real-time and label-free. Study cell attachment on different coatings.


Fine-tune drug formulations with MP-SPR. Real-time drug release from polymer can be measured. Novel control drug release strategies can be evaluated against each other. Also implant coatings can be characterized.

Antibody-antigen interaction affinity and kinetic measurements can be performed in diverse liquids, including complex liquids such as serum or saliva.



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