Why choose MP-SPR for small molecule interactions?

Surface Plasmon Resonance has been used for measurements of small molecule kinetics for tens of years. The SPR technology is used to evaluate affinity as well as kinetics of the molecular binding events to provide decision tools for further selection of suitable drug candidates. There is no burden of labeling as the technique is label-free.

Small molecules measured directly

Currently, there are a number of SPR instruments on the market. Typically, the selection is a trade-off between high-throughput of imaging SPR (iSPR) and sensitivity of focused beam (traditional SPR) set-ups. Currently, only a few instruments are able to measure binding of small molecules directly. Therefore, before selecting an SPR for measurements of small molecules, it is important to verify that the instrument really can measure small molecules directly and in meaningful concentrations.

High quality data with PureKinetics™

With Multi-Parametric Surface Plasmon Resonance (MP-SPR), we offer high quality data from direct small molecule measurements. The key factor is our unique PureKinetics™ feature which allows removal of bulk artifacts (also called "bulk effect" or "DMSO effect"). This is an important step forward in small molecule measurements as DMSO is typically used as an additive to improve solubility. Even 5% changes in DMSO can be tolerated with PureKinetics™ without multiple calibration injections.  PureKinetics™ has been developed by BioNavis and MP-SPR is the only technology capable of utilizing this feature.

Low total cost of ownership

Ask us about our prices and compare the instrument pricing...and when considering what happens after the instrument is in your premises: Do you want a full care package with assay development to start your measurements quickly, annual maintenance check (AMC) or do you prefer to change the flow-cell and tubing by yourself - it is your choice! We provide tailored packages based on your needs. You do not need a service contract if you do not want one.

From targeting to internalization

Novel biopharmaceuticals perform better. Unfortunately, they typically do not enter the cell very easily. Therefore, nanocarriers are employed to improve internalization. MP-SPR is the only platform that allows you to start with drug-target interactions and follow with drug-lipid membranes and even all the way to drug internalization by living cells. And of course, all of these can be also measured with nanoparticles, may they be made of polymer, metal, silica, DNA polyplexes or exosomes.

New challenges require new tools

Seven out of ten new drugs are biopharmaceuticals. Compared to synthetic drugs, biopharmaceutical pose new challenges in:

  • Manufacturing (batch-to-batch impurities, process quality)
  • Formulation (drug delivery virus/nanoparticle/microvesicle, film release)
  • Availability (interaction with target, others, membrane crossing)
  • Activity (digestion, degradation)

Let us help you move forward faster than your competition!


Recommended MP-SPR instruments for measurements of small molecules:

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