MP-SPR for small molecule interactions

Thanks to PureKinetics™, MP-SPR is sensitive platform to determine drug – target interactions even with small molecules. Label-free interactions are measured in real-time revealing affinity and kinetic of the binding. Optimize various analytes (Nucleotide, Peptide, Drug molecule, Antibody, Virus etc.) targeting to different ligands (Protein, Nucleotide, Peptide, Receptor, Membrane receptor, Antibody etc.).

Interaction measurements can be performed in diverse liquids, including complex liquids such as serum, saliva or organic solvents.

See five reasons to choose MP-SPR for measurements of small molecules:

  • Small molecules measured directly
  • High quality data with PureKinetics™
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Easy shift from targeting to internalization studies
  • Answers to new challenges in biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing

See five key questions about small molecules that MP-SPR can answer:

  • What is small molecule weight drug X affinity to protein Z?
  • How fast is molecule X association and dissociation kinetics to molecule Y?
  • Which drug molecule is best to bind receptor Z?
  • What is the release rate of drug X from material Y?
  • How much is the real binding without bulk effect?

See selected Application Notes to see that MP-SPR works:

  • AN#155 Faster interaction measurements of small molecules using MP-SPR KineticTitration
  • AN#147 Analyzing dissociation kinetics of IgG from protein A using MP-SPR and PureKinetics™
  • AN#144 Small molecular weight drug binding to protein
  • AN#168 Regenerable avidin kit assays Part II: Biomolecule affinity and concentration studies
  • AN#138 Antibody and antigen interaction
  • AN#137 Drug - living cell interaction
  • AN#117 Single stranded DNA binding to complimentary DNA



See five reasons to choose MP-SPR for measurements of small molecules.