MP-SPR for antibody characterization


MP-SPR is a sensitive platform to determine antibody and fragment binding on antigen. Label-free interactions are measured in real-time, revealing affinity and kinetics of the bindingMP-SPR instruments can also handle target molecules incorporated in liposomes (membrane extract) and living cells enabling interaction measurements in natural-like environment.

Interaction measurements can be performed in diverse fluids including 100% serum, plasma or cell growth medium. With PureKinetics™, bulk effect can be distinguished from binding and thus high precision results are obtained. MP-SPR with LayerSolver™ provides insight into the conformation and orientation of the antibodies. 


See reasons to choose MP-SPR for antibody characterization:

  • Label-free affinity and kinetics
  • KineticTitration for faster measurements
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Conformation changes
  • Crude samples (100% serum)
  • Biopharmaceuticals even from cell medium
  • Easy ex-situ preparation of own sensor surfaces 
  • Robust fluidics to handle harsh chemicals

See key questions about antibody that MP-SPR can answer:

  • What is antibody X affinity and kinetics to antigen Z?
  • What is the best antibody for successful immunoassay?
  • What is the binding of antibody on receptor in lipid environment?
  • Which cell signaling cascade is activated by antibody in living cells?
  • How fast is molecule X association and dissociation kinetics to molecule Y?
  • Which monoclonal antibody has highest affinity?
  • How much is the real binding without bulk effect?

See a few selected Application Notes to see that MP-SPR works:

  • AN#168 Regenerable avidin kit assays Part II: Biomolecule affinity and concentration studies
  • AN#166 Regenerable avidin kit assays Part I: Working principle, antibody - antigen interaction
  • AN#162 Concentration analysis of nutritionally important proteins from milk
  • AN#151 Measurements of soft and hard corona on liposome in 100% serum
  • AN#147 Analyzing dissociation kinetics of IgG from protein A using MP-SPR and PureKinetics™
  • AN#138 Antibody and antigen interaction

What our users say about MP-SPR for antibody characterization:

"MP-SPR is a flexible instrument that allows us to connect the power of traditional separation techniques, such as LC, with the quantification of interactions by SPR. This way, we are able to separate the analytes prior to specific, label-free, real-time analysis of their biochemical interaction on a sensor chip. For instance, interactions of individual components of antibody preparations can be studied using immobilized antigen on the SPR surface." Asst. Prof. Jeroen Kool, VU Amsterdam, The Netherlands


MP-SPR with PureKinetics™ is unique as it is able to measure
biopharmaceutical (Humira) samples even from cell medium including 1 million cells.



See reasons to choose MP-SPR for antibody characterization.