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Layers and Coatings


Thin solid films are typically applied as coatings (“nanolayers”) to provide functionality to everyday products from electronics and phone displays through batteries, solar cells and packaging to automotive components and doorknobs.

Over recent years, the manufacturing processes have improved tremendously, saving the amount of material needed to form a uniform coating. Thus, thinner and thinner layers of coatings must be analyzed, often hitting the limit of traditional methods.

With BioNavis’ novel configuration of Multi-Parametric Surface Plasmon Resonance (MP-SPR), we combine plasmonics to reach the Ångström level with a goniometric setup similar to that of ellipsometer to obtain a working range and multiple wavelengths similar to spectroscopic ellipsometry to define refractive index of each measured layer. This provides reliable measurements of thickness and refractive index of nanolayers, their plasmonic properties and surface interactions.

Layers and Coatings

Reasons to choose MP-SPR for measurements of thin solid films:

  • Measures ultrathin films from a few Ångström thickness thanks to measurement at wide angular range and multiple wavelengths
  • Thickness and refractive index solved simultaneously using LayerSolver™ 
  • Extremely sensitive instruments for real-time adsorption kinetics on surfaces
  • From dry to wet state with the same configuration – MP-SPR works in both states due to its goniometric configuration
  • Cross-validation with microscopy and modelling is possible
  • Measurements do not require vacuum
  • Measurements can be performed in organic solvents

Use MP-SPR to:

  • Select the best barrier (non-stick / antireflective / moisture) coating
  • Determine the minimum required thickness of nanolayers for desired functionality
  • Assess the quality of the coating
  • Find the coating process that provides homogeneous layer
  • Determine the time needed for nanoparticles to assemble on the surface
  • Find the ideal pH and electric potential conditions for the coating process
  • Assess layer swelling in contact with gas, moisture or solvent
  • Measure the SPR response of metal layers
  • Easy handling of sensor slides for ex situ modification

Measurements are performed on model surfaces. We have a wide range of ready made sensor surfaces to choose from, or you can make your own coatings in your premises. We are glad to provide our expertise and measure your samples in our facilities.

  • AN#171 Optical dispersion modelling of thin layers with multiwavelength MP-SPR
  • AN#146 Atomic-scale resolution graphene layer characterization in air using MP-SPR
  • AN#142 Real-time monitoring of metal stripping and deposition with EC-MP-SPR
  • AN#128 Determining thickness and refractive index of dielectric layers using MP-SPR

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