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MP-SPR instruments provide accurate kinetic measurements of molecular binding reactions without the burdens of labeling from small molecules to proteins and antibodies.

Learn how MP-SPR can aid you in your molecular interaction research and drug development.


MP-SPR is an excellent tool for the development of biosensors with options including electrochemical and gas sensors or biosensor for concentration determination.

Learn how MP-SPR can assist you in your biosensor development.


MP-SPR is the only real-time technology on the market that allows biologically relevant responses from live cells while maintaining the complexity of these living models.

Learn how MP-SPR can provide you with a reliable platform to study living cells.


With a multi-wavelength measurement and exceptionally wide angular range measured, MP-SPR instruments can determine not only interactions but also layer properties such as thickness and refractive index.

Learn how MP-SPR can assist you in the characterization of your layers and coatings.


With their high sensitivity and unique optical arrangement, MP-SPR instruments provide accurate real-time measurements of nanoparticles.

Learn how MP-SPR can assist you in your nanoparticle development and characterization


With its advantageous optical setup, MP-SPR technology facilitates a wide range of applications for the study of biomaterials.

Learn how MP-SPR can accelerate your biomaterial development and characterization.