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We are the only manufacturer of MP-SPR instruments, providing superior features and performance for studies of surface interactions and nanolayer characterization. 

MP-SPR Navi Instruments

All BioNavis MP-SPR Navi™ instruments are designed and manufactured in Finland. Their names  are inspired by the animals of the vast Finnish forests. Explore our selection and find the best solution for your research needs!


The highest throughput in our intrument range

420A ILVES See product


Well plate automation - ideal for life sciences

220A NAALI See product


4-channel automated solution for life sciences

410A KAURIS See product


For material characterization and beyond

210A VASA See product


Live cells experiments with 4-channel semi-automation

400 KONTIO See product

200 OTSO

Semi-automated benchtop system for your research

200 OTSO See product

What do our customers think?

MP-SPR allows us to work with living cell monolayer grown directly on the sensor surface or with the aid of e.g. fibronectin and other growth promoting proteins.

With MP-SPR, we are able to observe and quantify the differences in cell uptake kinetics of nanoparticles in dependence with the surface characteristics of the nanoparticle and their targeting.

The fact that the BioNavis instruments acquire the full angular spectra, including the total internal reflection angle in both air and liquids, is absolutely essential for our research on characterizing polymer brushes and other thin hydrated films.

The instrument we have been using for studying and testing antifouling materials provides unique kinetic information on a functional surface during adsorption and degradation processes, making it an important and indispensable tool in my lab.

As an analytical tool, MP-SPR technology has a great potential and has been an invaluable asset to our laboratories. Thanks to innovative multi-parametric SPR and multi-wavelength detection, we manage to explore challenging fields of biosensing and biophysical research. The technique has provided us with precise characterization of lipid membranes and successful development of live cell-based assays. We have been using the MP-SPR instrument since 2017 and we can always count on BioNavis team for professional support on technical and scientific matters.

It is essential for us to decouple the contribution of hydration and bound water for quantification of adsorbed mass, layer thickness, etc.

MP-SPR is designed carefully so that the users can not only determine basic parameters efficiently but easily access to the deeper information for further analysis. Also, the appearance of the instrument is my favorite!

Discover the world of MP-SPR and find a solution to your research needs!