Atomic-scale resolution graphene layer characterization in air using MP-SPR

Application Note #146

''Sensor slide background and one, two, or  three layers of graphene. Layers are deposited on A) Al2O3 surface. Measurement was performed with 670nm wavelength in air.''

Chemical-vapour-deposition (CVD)-grown graphene films were characterized with non-invasive Multi-Parametric Surface Plasmon Resonance (MP-SPR). Both layer thickness and refractive index were obtained simultaneously from a single measurement without prior information on either of the parameters. After the first initial deposited layer, the layer thickness of the graphene monolayer was 0.37nm which is in good agreement with values from other methods. Refractive index and extinction coefficient of graphene layer on Al2O3 were 3.135 and 0.897 respectively at 670nm wavelength.

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