Drug interaction with cell monolayer measured with MP-SPR

Application Note #137


"Cell monolayer deposited on a SPR sensor surface. Difference in drug absorption route was seen"

In vitro cell assays are widely used during drug discovery. Traditionally these assays needs labelled materials and the analysis is based on post-detection with e.g. UV-, fluorescence or mass spectroscopy. Multi-Parametric SPR enables real time measurements of interaction, in a constant and controlled flow conditions and without any labels. MP-SPR measures wide angle range and whole SPR curve is monitored which enables observing several parameters.

Madin-Darby canine kidney (MDCKII) cell monolayer was deposited on a gold sensor slide. Small molecule weight drugs propranolol and D-mannitol interaction with the cell monolayer was successfully measured. Part of the propranolol remained in the cell layer after stimulation whereas D-mannitol was removed. With MP-SPR measurement it was even possible to distinguish between paracellular and transcellular drug absorption routes.

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