Electrochemical SPR of copper electrodeposition

Application Note #120


Figure 4. Cyclic voltametry scans for slow scanning (black) and fast scanning (orange).

In some cases multiple detection techniques are required to understand surface phenomena and interactions, or external stimuli is needed to initiate certain reactions. Electrochemistry is well suited to be paired with the surface plasmon resonance (SPR) because both are surface probing techniques. The SPR can provide real time information of surface changes and the sensor surface can be used as working electrode for electrochemistry at the same time. The electrochemical setup can then be used as an additional parallel measurement technique, or a source of stimuli for electrochemical reactions.

The parallel measurement can be used for example characterizing organic, inorganic or hybrid conductor and insulator materials and monitoring deposition of such materials. With the parallel measurements it is also possible to detect trace metals with high precision in solution.

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