Electrochemical SPR of copper electrodeposition

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"In situ monitoring of electrochemical reactions using SPR Navi 200"
SPR sensograms of copper deposition with cyclic voltametry using two different potential scanning rates.

Electrochemistry can be utilized as a detection method or driving force for chemical reactions. Combining electrochemistry with SPR can be utilized in monitoring electrochemical reactions in situ, or it can be used as an complementary detection method to provide additional informationa about the reaction.

In this experiment MP-SPR instrument (SPR Navi™ 200) was equipped with a electrochemical flow-cell and a potentiostat was attached. The electrodeposition of copper on standard gold sensor surfaces was measured by cyclic voltametry from 0.01 M CuSO4 solution with 0.1 M H2SO4 as carrier electrolyte.

The amount of deposited copper can be determined using Fresnel equations. The copper layer deposited during the 0.005 V/s scan rate was calculted to correspond to 1 nm thick unifrom copper layer, corresponding approximately to 900 ng/cm2 of deposited mass.

Parallel measurements of electrochemistry and MP-SPR ensure identical conditions of the measurements and enable in-situ measurments.

Recommended instrument for this application:

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