Characterization of graphene oxide films with MP-SPR

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"Deposition and characterization of single-sheet graphene and graphene oxide films"
SPR Spectra of Graphene films prepared by two different methods (GO1 and GO2). BG stands for Background and was measured from gold SPR sensor. The dashed lines are the fitted model curves from the experiments with graphene oxide (GO).

Single-sheet graphene (SG) has high electrical and thermal conduction and high tensile strength. Due to its electrical properties, optical transparency and good chemical resistance, it is a promising material to replace indium tin oxide (ITO) and fluorine tin oxide (FTO) in solar cells and LEDs. 

In this experiment, graphene films were prepared using Langmuir-Blodgett (LB) deposition technique on standard gold sensor surfaces using two different protocols. The LbL assembly of SGO (single graphene oxide) has been made with cationic polymers poly(allylamine hydrochloride) (PAH) and poly(aniline) (PAN). The layer thickness was determined using MP-SPR (SPR Navi™ 200). The growth was linear after third deposition pair of SGO-PAH. The concentration of SGO had big impact on layer quality and size of the SGO sheets.

The thickness of graphene oxide layers were 1.3 (GO1) and 3.6 nm (GO2). The GO1 result corresponds well with literature for values of single sheet GSO. The GO2 result suggests that deposited material was multi-sheet or aggregated graphene oxide.

With KSV-Nima PMI 550 it was possible to record IR spectra of floating and deposited layers to determine the chemical composition. The BioNavis SPR Navi 200 was capable of characterizing the thickness and the complex refractive indices of the deposited layers. It was possible to distinguish single sheet and aggregated graphene from each other.

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