Registration for MP-SPR regional user training 2020

9, January, 2020


Take your MP-SPR skills to the next level!

BioNavis would like to invite you to the next MP-SPR user training held March 26 - 27, 2020 in Prague, Czech Republic, one of the most beautiful cities in Central Europe.

Our aim is to bring together both new and advanced MP-SPR users from the region to ensure an inspiring learning platform and create a network within the community of MP-SPR users. We invite you to meet the most knowledgeable experts in the field (speakers to be announced) to help develop your research and get the most out of your MP-SPR instrument. We are available to coach you with our expertise on layer characterization, assay development and assessment of interactions using MP-SPR technology. 

 You will have a chance to:

  • Improve the instrument and software use
  • Deepen your knowledge on MP-SPR technology
  • Exchange ideas and discuss on experimental challenges
  • Share good practices with other users
  • Get acquainted with the whole variety of applications and new research trends

The training will also be a great opportunity to showcase your research using MP-SPR technology. Please send us your abstract and you will have the opportunity to give a talk or present a poster.

Participation fee for the training is EUR 200,00 (excluding VAT).


There are two events in Prague following each other:

26.-27.3.2020 MP-SPR regional user training - This event is meant for deepening of your MP-SPR know-how and allows also for personal guidance and networking. Register below:

30.3.-3.4.2020 Nanopol Spring School on Characterization techniques for biomaterials - A wide overview of different techniques including MP-SPR. Find more information on the course and registration here. Please note, registration is closing soon!

 Protocol development
  Sensor selection and re-use
  Run table (automated models)
  Kinetic analysis
  Concentration analysis
  Nanolayer analysis
  Nanoparticle analysis
  Cell data analysis
  Other (describe below)