Additional wavelength




The only MP-SPR instrument on the market that can be equipped with multiple wavelengths!

MP-SPR measures uniquely same surface spot at two different wavelengths which enables thickness and refractive index measurement! Feature is useful in all MP-SPR applications but especially with material characterization, biophysics, and cell studies!

MP-SPR Navi™ 200 OTSO, 210A VASA and 220A NAALI instruments can be equipped with up to 3 different wavelengths. Standard configuration of additional wavelength setup is:

  • Channel 1: 670nm and 785nm
  • Channel 2: 670nm and 785nm

Other wavelengths available by request.

Additional wavelength option should be selected together with the instrument. The configuration is then MP-SPR Navi™ 200-L OTSO, 210A-L VASA and 220A-L NAALI.

Get most out of the feature and combine it with LayerSolver software.

If you already have MP-SPR Navi™ system, contact us to learn how to upgrade it with additional lasers! 

Examples of use:


Surface measured with two different wavelengths (here 785 nm and 670 nm). The thickness remains the same in both cases. The difference in the curves is due to the change of refractive index in relation to the measured wavelength.

See animation.



Measure of thick samples (waveguide effect).

Thickness up to few micrometers (with light nonabsorbing samples) can be measured.

See animation.



Light absorbing samples, such as porphyrins, cause intensity changes to meaured curves.

See animation.