MP-SPR Navi™ 200 OTSO 

Semi-automated and modular

MP-SPR NaviTM 200 OTSO is entry level MP-SPR system making it ideally suited for teaching and educational purposes. Open design is optimal when auxiliary instruments are to be used.

Features and benefits:

  • 4  simultaneous  measurements  in  2  fluidic  channels,  two independent  wavelength  measurements  from  the  same  spot, enabling detection of thickness and refractive index or conformation changes

  • Exceptionally  wide  angular  range 40˚ - 78˚ enables  measurement  of small  organic  molecules,  and  large  proteins,  but  also  metallic nanoparticles and cells. One scan encompasses both environments: gas and liquid and enables to separate bulk effect in line using PureKineticsTM.

  • Controlled liquid flow conditions with peristaltic pump

  • Manual filling of injection loops required

  • Parallel injections into both flow channels


  • 200 OTSO is sold with a basic software package of MP-SPR  Navi™ Control and DataViewer for convenient control of the instrument and basic analysis of the results. Advanced analysis modules are optional: MP-SPR Navi™ LayerSolver to determine thickness and RI from multiple wavelength measurements and TraceDrawer for  MP-SPR  Navi™ - powerful  software  for  determination  of affinity and  kinetic constants and more.

  • MP-SPR Navi™ instruments utilize optical RI matching elastomer and therefore, sensors are very easy to exchange and also can be further analyzed with other methods such as AFM or microscopy.

  • Open design enables convenient access to the easily removable flow cell, as well as to tubing, pump and injection valve.

  • Complement the instrument with electrochemistry, high chemical resistant and gas flow cells as well as fluorescence setup to obtain simultaneous validation measurements.

  • The instrument enables attachment of a separate autosampler, pump, degasser or even own microfluidic sample preprocessing cartridge.

200 OTSO is designed and manufactured in Finland. Its name comes from vast Finnish forests and means a bear.
The older generation of this model were SPR Navi™ 200 and KSV SPR 200.


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