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Applications in Life Science



With PureKinetics™ feature for high quality kinetics, MP-SPR is a powerful and sensitive tool for direct measurements of small molecules


MP-SPR helps you to measure biomembrane interaction kinetics as well as underlying structural changes.


Whether you develop metal, silica, polymer nanoparticles or work with DNA polyplexes, liposomes, viruses or microvesicles, MP-SPR is an excellent choice for drug delivery studies - from real-time targeting studies to real-time internalization with the same instrument. 
LS_Cells_extra.png MP-SPR enables to move from drug-target measurements, through drug-membrane interactions all the way to drug-cell interactions. Differentiate internalization from permeation in real-time and label-free. Study cell attachment on different coatings.

Antibody-antigen interaction affinity and kinetic measurements can be performed in diverse liquids including complex liquids such as serum or saliva.


Biosensor development


MP-SPR can be combined with electrochemistry to measure catalytic interactions, electroswitching surfaces and also to develop electrochemical biosensors.  


From nanoparticle-based competitive assays through electrochemical sensors to direct assays, MP-SPR shows all the steps of your assay may you develop it on top of glass, polymer, silica or metal surfaces! More...

LS_Gas_sensor_development_2.png MP-SPR works also with gas samples - from 2 dalton hydrogen up to vapours. More.. 

Biomaterials and coatings

LS_Biomaterials_extra.png MP-SPR measures interactions on polymers up to 5 µm thick, which makes it the most sensitive label-free technique for biomaterial interaction studies and layer characterization. Therefore, MP-SPR also helps with formulations for controlled drug release, novel coatings for cell and tissue engineering as well as industrial coatings.

Unique Multi-Parametric Surface Plasmon Resonance (MP-SPR) instruments can extend applicability of SPR also to clinically relevant complex liquids, such as 100 % serum, plasma, urine, bacteria and cells.


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